Monday, November 20, 2006

"It's the new, the new improved lucky you"


It seems that I've been limiting my blogging activity to one post per week lately, but I do have an excuse of sorts; I'm completely fucking brain dead. To elaborate, I have been kind of busy this past week with work, but I've stil had plenty of opportunities to sit down in front of the computer and hammer something out. The words just haven't been coming though. I don't know why, in fact, when I'm actually at work, I'm full of ideas and my clarity of thought sometimes astonishes me. Get the laptop out though and all I'm left with is the mental image of a chimp on a bicycle.

I suspect that the floodgates will open at some point and I'll start blogging like a demon again. I've got a few things that I want to pass comment on, like last week's Art Brut gig, for instance (at which I met the lovely people from The Indie Credential), or the new albums from Clipse, Bloc Party and Deerhoof. There's also the second part of this week's mixtape to contend with, not to mention the fact that I've been trying to knock out my end-of-year lists, which I'll probably start in a couple of weeks.

So, yeah, that's a half-arsed reasoning for my slothfulness out of the way. I'm interested to know whether anyone is still reading (I don't have a hit-counter, as I'll probably only be disappointed with the stats), so if you're out there, give me a sign. Any kind of sign. Actually, just scrawl something in the comments box if you want.

To this week's singles, then. It was a tough decision picking a winner this week. I was pondering making it a joint one, but upon listening to them both next to one another, the song that made me do the robot emerged as the clear winner...

Subtle - The Mercury Craze (Lex)

Announcing its arrival with a double-tracked, kickarse glitterbeat, before going off on a space-funk tangent, Subtle's 'The Mercury Craze' is probably the best pop single you'll hear all year that doesn't stand a chance in hell of making the top 40. Subtle's indie hip-hop sensibilities are kicked into touch in favour of an insanely catchy, molten-hot party-starter that sounds like OutKast should sound if they weren't dicking around with Depression-set musicals these days. Doseone (cLOUDDEAD) rips shit up, while the rest of the band throw more ideas into the pot than most mainstream hip-hop acts have in their whole careers. It'll melt your brain, but you'll thank them for it.

The 1990s - You're Supposed To Be My Friend (Rough Trade)

Sloppy, buoyant glam-pop from the Scottish should-bes. Their advancing years will be a deciding factor as to whether they'll connect with 'the kids' or not (singer, Jackie McKeown used to be in The Yummy Fur, ferchrissakes!), but this is so goddamn spirited that it shouldn't matter to anyone with a brain if they're eighteen or eighty. Bouncier than Tigger on a trampoline.

Art Brut - Nag Nag Nag Nag (Mute)

The intro will throw off the hardcore, seeing as it actually sounds like the band are standing up as opposed to being in various states of falling over. When Eddie Argos' inimitable vocals kick in, however, there's no mistake that this is Art Brut. It does sound a little more musically mature than what we're used to, but Argos' lyrics, casting the protagonist (my guess is that it's autobiographical) as someone who should know better being in a constant state of arrested development (I know that feeling), are comfortingly familiar, while being different enough to stop you from feeling cheated. Bodes well for the 'difficult' second album.

Blood Red Shoes - You Bring Me Down (XL)

Apparently, this boy/girl duo are hot shit right now. I'm not hearing anything particularly great or new. Not that they're shit, just aren't very hot either. Meh.

Fields - If You Fail, We All Fail (Atlantic)

Skyscraping harmonics and chiming guitars will only get you so far, you have to have a hint of personality to go with it, in my book. Fields don't seem to have any, even if this is a perfectly good tune. So, I'll say that it's like Broken Social Scene meets The Books and die a little inside.

Jet - Bring It Back (Atlantic)

Please don't.

The Noisettes - Don't Give Up (Mercury)

The rockabilly revival starts here! If only that were true. 'Don't Give Up' isn't likely to get anyone taking up the stand-up bass or dousing themselves in gel and using gasoline for after shave, but it sure as shit sounds like The Stray Cats and that can only be a good thing, right?

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh) (Wea)

I haven't actually heard this yet but it's got to be shite right? Post your reviews in the comments.

Oh, bollocks to the rest of them. I can't be bothered. Let's just say that there's fuck-all else out and leave it at that.



Anonymous stuckinatightspot said...

I'm out here.

Its more Chilis-by-Numbers than the most Chilis-by-Numbers Chilis number. Or something.

12:04 am  
Anonymous terrifyingsockpuppet said...

The blog is great, man. You steer me to stuff I wouldn't have found otherwise. I hate Moby, but the remix of New York, New York is fantastic. Left to my own devices, wouldn't have even agreed to hear it in the first place.

8:12 am  
Anonymous Dommy said...

just letting you know your blog is still reaching dall the way down under. still. i agree with the lat guy, youve steered me onto all these bands that i now love (maximo park, soulwax, the pipettes etc) and all i can say is thanks. your mix tape is an essential download and they provide me with plenty of ways to keep ahead of my musically knowing friends. plus you put some aweseome little electronic music up which i really love at the moment :D . keep on trying mate and im sure the words will come.

thanks again,


P.S. Make sure you go nice and easy on my bolton wanderers too... they havent got as much money to spend as the rest of these bloody clubs... lol

3:23 pm  
Blogger James said...

Gee thanks, guys!


Glad to hear that I'm steering some people in the right direction when it comes to music. Or at least, steering them in the same direction as I'm heading in.

As for Bolton, I wouldn't dream of making disparaging comments about such a fine Premiership side! If it were Chelsea, it would be a different matter though. We'll beat them on Sunday.

7:01 pm  

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