Monday, January 29, 2007

"Is it so wrong to crave recognition?"

Hiya, you lot!

I'm coming down with something so if my writing isn't up to it's usual standard then... who knows, it might actually be better than normal. Being ill does weird things to you.

Anyway, I'm keeping it brief tonight, because I want to post the last of the four mixtapes I put together for you guys. This week's singles are actually a bit of a decent lot, but I'm not going to go through all of them. The dependably very good Camera Obscura release another slice of Northern Soul-hued pop from Let's Get Out Of This Country in 'If Looks Could Kill', The Earlies shoot their load too early with the best song from the patchy second album, The Enemy Chorus with 'Burn The Liars', Dean Meredith completes his trilogy of releases under the Goat Dance moniker with another fine chunk of dub-disco with the self-titled 12", Pop Levi carries on his assault on the pop world with the twisted glam-funk of 'Sugar Assault Me Now', and Matt Edwards, under the Quiet Village tag remixes Toby Tobias' wonderfully-titled, 'Dave's Sex Bits' on Rekids.

There are other noteworthy releases from Hot Club De Paris, Annuals and the second EP of Roxy Music remixes too. Ones to avoid however come in the shape of new singles from Cold War Kids and Kasabian. The hype surrounding the former continues to bewilder me as everytime I hear that guy's voice, I want to shove big fucking sticks down my ears. And they're Christians! What's wrong with you people?! Kasabian prove that their brand of cod-psychedelia is unbelieveably worse than their brand of cod-dance-rock on 'Me Plus One'; a song so shockingly bad that Tom Meighan refused to sing it, leaving that duty up to supertwat guitarist, Serge Pizzorno.

Anyway, all that pales in comparison to this week's SOTW. Which is...


Bloc Party - The Prayer (Wichita)

You're all probably sick of me carping on about how the new Bloc Party album is roughly 37 times better than anyone is giving it credit for, so I'll keep it short here. Put simply, 'The Prayer', a dizzying, euphoric headrush of a song, is the first great indie-rock single of 2007. Get it now!

In Manchester this coming Saturday (the 3rd)? Got no plans? Then why don't you get your arses down to Get Girl, Kill Baddies, Save Planet? This new nightclubbing venture from Jon of Black Country Grammar and High Voltage fame and Pasta Paul from Piccadilly Records takes place at the Night & Day on Oldham St from 10pm 'til 2am and looks like it should be a lot of fun. The music policy is suitably all-over-the-shop, with the emphasis being placed on music for your feet, no matter what the genre.

Sound good? Well, if you leave it until the night you'll have to pay £6 (not unreasonable for a decent night out in Manchester), but if you drop the guys a line at saying that you heard about it on Yer Mam! then you get put on the guestlist for half the price! Who could ask for more?!

I'll be there anyway, throwing shapes like a crazy mofo. So if you see me, say hello.

Shameless plug over.

Elsewhere in blogland, twentyfourhours has a kickarse mix from Carl Craig and Gamall for your pleasure, so get it while you can. Also, I know it's not a blog, but Stylus has a rather neat Italo mix available for download at the moment too, that's well worth nabbing.

That is all for now,



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