Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mixtape, sir? IV: Flogging a dead horse.

It's the last one in this series of mixtapes, people. Hope you've enjoyed them!


  1. Afra & Incredible Beatbox Band feat. Takkyu Ishino & Shinco - Mouth Music (Maurice Fulton Remix) (The artist and title alone are a mouthful, but this is the kind of weird, funky stuff that you've never heard before. The first three minutes or so is mostly just cut-up human beatboxing before Fulton cuts in with his percussive late-night funk style. Immense.)
  2. Stereotyp - Keepin' Me (Fauna Flash Remix) (Fauna Flash forgo the d'n'b of old to give us a deeper than deep house rework of Stereotyp's dark soul cut. One of my favourite tunes of the last few months.)
  3. Tomboy - Murky Jerky (Space disco weirdness from the hard-to-pin-down Thomas Barfod. His new album, Serios, on Gomma is equally un-pigeonholeable. It makes you make words up, it's that all-over-the-place!)
  4. El-P - Habeas Corpses (Draconian Love) (feat. Cage) (El-P's new album, I'll Sleep When You're Dead is as deliciously dark as you'd expect from him. This story of El-P's prison ship guard character falling in love with one of the inmates is probably one of the record's more lighter moments, but it's still full of pitch-black humour.)
  5. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Lists, Plans (My Bloody Valentine may never get around to making that third album, but A Sunny Day In Glasgow have picked up the baton and run with it anyway. 'Lists, Plans' has all the murky majesty of MBV and is subliminally funky with it.)
  6. Panda Bear - Take Pills (A highlight from an album of highlights, 'Take Pills' is also probably Person Pitch's most accessible moment, if you can even call it that without the world inverting in on itself.)
  7. Basia Bulat - I Was A Daughter (Highly energetic folk-rock from this up-and-comer who I'll admit I know very little about. I know I like this though.)
  8. Lavender Diamond - Open Your Heart (Fleet-footed pop rollick from the forthcoming, Imagine Our Love. This is going to soundtrack my summer, I think.)
  9. Maximo Park - By The Monument (Wonderfully dramatic indie-pop from one of the most surprisingly good albums of the year thus far. If they aren't absoutely massive by the end of 2007, there's no justice.)
  10. The Horrors - She Is The New Thing (Unfairly rounded-on by certain critics and fans alike, The Horrors make gloriously pantomimic goth-rock, designed to scare parents and who really does that anymore, really? I, for one, think they should be applauded for this and this only.)
  11. LCD Soundsystem - Time To Get Away (One of Sound Of Silver's more unsung heroes, 'Time To Get Away' is probably the closest LCD have come to a straight-up funk track. Great live, too.)
  12. The Delicate Genius - Tongue Tied (Actually, this is a skewiff, fragile re-edit of Blondie's original demo version of 'Heart Of Glass'. Charmingly under-nourished, but loosely groovy with it.)
  13. Reverso 68 - Especial (More effortlessly great Balearic disco from Pete and Phil. I dare you not to dance to this when it comes on.)
  14. Joe Smooth - Promised Land (Reason to hate Paul Weller #125: The Style Council's bloodless cover of this effectively kyboshed Smooth's chance of making his original a chart hit. What. A. Twat.)
  15. Kotey Extra Band feat. Chas Jankel - Sooner Or Later (Faultless, freewheeling organic disco from the Blockhead and the Bear Entertainment mainman. Leaves Moroder's original in the dust.)
  16. J.J. Cale - After Midnight (The perfect post-club comedown tune. Full stop.)
Yer Mam!'s 10p Mix-Up Volume Four (Disc Two) Ripped, Zipped and Sent Into Space



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