Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mixtape, Sir?

Right, it's time for the first of those mixtapes I promised you. I'm experimenting with file-hosters, so today's is up on Mediafire. Let me know if you have any problems with it.


  1. Theo Parrish - Second Chances (The opening track from Parrish's new, vinyl-only album, Sound Sculptures Vol. 1 is also the best, in my opinion. 'Second Chances' perfectly displays that interplay between jazz and techno that Parrish does so well, in that the jazzy elements serve the techy backbone and vice versa. A true master at work.)
  2. Cobblestone Jazz - W (New track from Matthew Jonson's Cobblestone Jazz outfit, taken from the latest Cocoon label box-set, G. More 'big room' than normal, but still as subtly persuasive as the likes of 'India In Me' and 'Dump Truck'.)
  3. Soylent Green - Camera Obscura (You'll find that a running theme throughout this stretch of mixtapes is tunes that Prins Thomas has used on his excellent Cosmo Galactic Prism mix. Bit cheeky of me to steal his ideas, but guy knows a good tune when he hears one and so do I. I missed the boat on Roman Flugel's Soylent Green guise and I'm only just catching up. 'Camera Obscura' is a great, fleet-footed, snappy slice of deep house body music a million miles removed from the stuff he records in his own name.)
  4. Zoo Brazil - Kazaboo (Zoo Brazil's album, Video Rockets left me a little cold, but this driving piece of minimal house is a diamond in the rough. Just don't go into the album expecting everything to be like this.)
  5. Teenage Bad Girl - Ghost House (As with the Zoo Brazil album, Teenage Bad Girl's Cocotte did pretty much nothing for me, but this swirly, Braxe-like, champagne synth-house workout is definitely worth salvaging.)
  6. Force Of Nature - To The Brain (Prins Thomas 118 Miks) (Continuing his fine run of work, Thomas adds a lot more space and depth to the original here by slowing things down a notch but allowing the snakey bassline, cribbed from Jimmy 'Bo' Horne's 'Is It In?', to work its hip-grinding magic. Which it does and then some.)
  7. Escort - All Through The Night (The Rapture Hush Hush Remix) (Well this one was a surprise. Having never been totally enamoured with The Rapture's remix work in the past, they really do a great job here. There's a playful insanity at work on this one. Imagine Carl Craig gone Baltimore club and you're halfway there. Brilliantly bonkers.)
  8. Michoacan - 2 Bullets (The Glimmers' Hacienda Dub) (This is another that there wasn't a lot riding on. I've always preferred The Glimmers as DJs than producers, but this is an excellent, quirky Balaeric stormer that is well in keeping with the spirit of the Manchester institution from which it takes its name.)
  9. Jay Shepheard - Last Days (Of Cou Cou D) (Dubbed-out disco from the latest in Compost's Black Label series. Some nice Italo-style synths going on in this one too.)
  10. Breaks Co-Op - Duet (Atlantic Conveyor Extended Remix) (AC turn in a shine-ola from shit do-over of the Zane Lowe-affiliated Kiwis from last year. Similar in style to Chateau Flight, Atlantic Conveyor are building a nice rep as purveyors of quality, melodic tech-house.)
  11. Mari Boine - Vuoi Vuoi Me (Henrik Schwarz Remix) (I've been meaning to put this on a mixtape since I first heard it earlier in the year, but I've only just got around to it. Thought I'd bestow on it the honour of closing out this one, seeing as it's one of the best remixes of 2007 so far. Henrik Schwarz is working at the very top of his game right now and this is all kinds of reasons why.)
Yer Mam!'s Big Summer Mixtape Blowout! Volume One, all ripped, zipped up and Mediafired

Further reading: This is interesting. Where the fuck does the guy from The Kooks get off pissing on a sacred cow like Pet Sounds?

Also, I've updated No Flipping! for anyone who's interested.

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<3 Camera Obscura. Great mix. Just use divshare instead of senduit and megafire!

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