Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fractured musings on a Sunday night.


Haven't got loads to say tonight, but just wanted to drop in mainly to remind you to listen to me on t'internet wireless tomorrow night. Unity Radio, 10pm-midnight, guesting on Niles and Baggy's Makin' Music Show (them of Cosmic Disco fame). I'm playing some tunes and talking about my favourite subject, myself. Only joking, I'm not quite that conceited.

Also, I'm re-upping the whole of May's Mixtape Week, one-by-one, due to popular demand (aren't I good to you?). Click for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday still to come. Watch this space.

I know very little of Blitzen Trapper, other than the fact that the blogs and webzines are all over them. I've heard the album and it went in one ear and out the other, but I didn't form any kind of distaste for them. That all changed when I read this Pitchfork article in which the singer lists his favourite stuff. Just pseudo-hipster bullshit. "Oh, I don't listen to music really. Also, I don't have a TV. My art suffers if I engage with the world too much, blah, blah, fucking blah". So studied and forced. I hate this kind of shit. Get involved with life or stop stealing our oxygen yer waste of fucking space. End of rant.

Watch this video of Talking Heads live in Rome in 1980. Best band ever. Makes me want to go back in time and see them for myself. I saw David Byrne a few years ago and he was great but I hope that one day, they do the old reform thing that seems so de rigeur these days. It'd have to be this incarnation of the band though, with Adrian Belew, Bernie Worrell, Nona Hendryx, Busta Jones et al. One can dream.

Watch The Wire, morons!

Here's a tune from that D-I-R-T-Y Space Disco compilation on Tigersushi...

Odyssey - Who (mp3)

That's all folks!


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Blogger Marty said...

yo, if it makes you feel any better, some of the bt guys do own tvs and listen to music. but the fork talked to the singer, and he's more or less a freak as far as being disconnected with media and all that. i know it seems improbable in this day, but don't be a hater. everybody's got their thing.

4:00 am  

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