Sunday, July 29, 2007

"My heart beats for the one I love"

Just a coupla things today, kids. I'll have to start pulling my finger out a bit when it comes to posting, both here and over at No Flipping! It's not like I've gone off music and TV or owt, I'm just too darned bone idle to write about them. Anyways, enough apologising...

The venerable Bill Brewster (DJ History) has recently put together the marvellous Capitol Disco CD that compiles 31 tracks from the Capitol archive that all have a disco vibe. Stretching the point a little to call them all pure disco (some are more obviously soul and funk), but that doesn't stop it from being top-notch. There are uncovered gems from Margo Thunder ('Expressway To Your Heart'), Mystic Merlin ('Sixty Thrills A Minute') as well as some more well-known tracks like Rance Allen Group's 'Peace Of Mind', Diana Ross' 'Work That Body' and Minnie Riperton's 'Adventures In Paradise'.

The one track that really made my jaw drop to the floor though was the second disc opener, 'Twilight' by Maze & Frankie Beverly. One of those "Wow, where have you been all my life" moments. Totally cosmic and out-there, it's most definitely a pre-cursor to all the space disco stuff that's floating about at the moment. Nice and trippy with some seriously warm synths and percussion, it's absolute dynamite.

Maze feat. Frankie Beverly - Twilight (mp3)

Gloria Jones - Windstorm (mp3)

The line-up for this year's Dpercussion has been announced and it's a bit... boring, shall we say? See for yourselves. I'm not surprised that it's going to be the last one and while there's a part of me that will miss it, I'm also hoping that some other promoter takes it on under a different name and manages to nail it next year. I'll be there though and it looks like I'll be dividing my time between the Arches, Barca and Sketch City stages.

My tips for people worth seeing; Elektrons on the main stage should be fun. Haven't seen them live yet but I love the album and am interested to see how well they reproduce it in a live setting. Also, the Best Foot Forward boys are on at Sketch City and they're always pretty decent. I'll probably be checking out FC Kahuna at the Arches too, purely for curiosity reasons and the same goes for the proposed Broadcast DJ set at Barca. As the night draws in and if I haven't got bored of dodging scallies and pissed off to a bar nearby, it's a toss-up between Norman Jay and James T. Cotton (aka Dabrye of Spectral Records). I think Norman might just win that one though, especially seeing as it's at the Arches, the scene of one of my favourite all-time Dpercussion moments when Mr Scruff rocked it about five years ago.

I'll see you down there then. No stalking me though, you hear?

I'm posting this because I heard it out last night and I'd forgotten how good it was. Jon The Beef should appreciate this one too.

Taana Gardner - Heartbeat (mp3)

"Here come the hot-steppah!"

In other news: I'm on the latest Blog Fresh Radio show, repping for the spectacular Sorcerer album. Also, in case you missed my guest spot on the Makin' Music Show on Monday, there's a convenient mp3 of it for you to download over at Niles and Baggy's Cosmic Disco blog. It was a fun experience, one that the guys are being kind enough to let me repeat at some point in the future. Watch out for that.

Oh, and I've continued re-posting the mixtape week, with Friday's edition. Live for another month for your listening pleasure.

Over and out,


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Blogger Kev said...

Hey thanks for the love! I'm pretty sure it was me who played Heartbeat on Saturday, glad you liked!

Can't wait to see FC Kahuna myself, still listen to their old essential mix on a regular basis, one of my all-time-faves.

10:37 am  
Blogger James said...

Yeah, cheers for that. One of many good tunes that night.

I saw FC Kahuna live a few years ago and they were pretty alright. I still think that Machine Says Yes is a very underrated album. Can't say I've heard the essential mix though.

10:11 pm  

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