Monday, August 27, 2007

Creepin' me.

I'm perplexed. I was looking through one of today's tabloids earlier and happened across this week's Top 40 Singles Charts. Now, I realise that the charts are a curious beast these days, ever since the ruling that any official digital download can now enter the charts, regardless of how long ago the song was actually released (case in point is this week's chart being peppered with Elvis songs to tie in with the 30th anniversary of his death). What really caught my eye though was the placing at number 21 of Freaks' electrohouse bomb, 'The Creeps'. Originally released on International Deejay Gigolos back in 2003, it was a favourite of mine and a pretty huge underground hit, finding its way into all the right DJs record boxes. It was the squelchy, jackin', insidious brainchild of Music For Freaks label bosses, Luke Solomon and Justin Harris.

A cursory Google search later and it appears that the tune has been re-released and given a Galaxy-friendly chart-house makeover, complete with shitty new vocal. Of all the people to sell their soul to the god of unit-shifting, Luke Solomon has to be one of the least likely. Still releasing under-the-radar twelves on small labels like Crosstown Rebels, Rekids and Cajual, Solomon seemed to me to be above this sort of shameless shilling. It seems I was wrong and just a little bit more of my innocence and naivete has been chipped away. So cheers, Luke. In six months time I will have the world-weary, cynical air of a much older music fan thanks to people like you.

Download, listen to and cherish the far superior original, taken from the excellent 2004 album, The Man Who Lived Underground...

Freaks - The Creeps (mp3)

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Anonymous stuckinatightspot said...

its been getting Radio 1 airplay too

9:09 pm  
Blogger James said...

That doesn't surprise me in the slightest. The playlists for commercial radio and Radio 1 have been gradually dovetailing for about the last five years.

It's just... why this song?! A song I used to love, having all that was great about it taken out and blanded to the point where it can hide in plain sight on the likes of Galaxy. Just makes me sad is all.

9:15 pm  
Blogger bedshaped said...

I have to agree with you James. This newly vocalized version sucks like a choone should never suck. Why couldn't somebody at the label just say, "Yano....this new vocal mix is crap. Maybe we should just re-release the original."
Watered down, commercialized poop.
And I was holding back there as well!

12:34 am  
Blogger Mulrine said...

I was devastated when I was just getting on with my work in the stockroom at my minimum wage job and I heard this come on Radio 1.

I was vocally disgusted. Much to the annoyance of my commercial dance loving co-workers.

It is horrible!

9:58 am  
Blogger James said...

You work in a stockroom? Me too! I mean, no I don't. I'm a hired assassin really.

Thinking about it, I'm kinda glad that Luke and Justin are going to be getting a decent wedge off this but it just doesn't feel like their song anymore. Ruined.

8:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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