Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back by Dope Demand!

Okay, okay, it's been too long. I'm not going to proffer an excuse for my absence (though if you're looking for a scapegoat, let's blame the economical downturn. Everyone else is), but posting something, anything on this blog has been long overdue. But now I'm back. For good this time. Honest.
Anyway, my year-end lists will be starting in earnest pretty soon (December 1st, most probably), so you'll no doubt be sick of my musical opinions by the time 2009 comes knocking. Before all that though and because posts have been few and far-between this past 12 months, I'll be filling you in on some records that I thought were noteworthy, but not noteworthy enough to gain a place in my top 50 in a series of posts starting today.
Before all that though, here's a little mix for you that I threw together rather slapdash-like yesterday afternoon. It's mostly hip-hop and there are parts where I haven't even bothered to mix, but it's fun (I think), so here it is...
Hudson Mohawke - Ooops! (Wireblock/Luckyme)
The Cool Kids - Black Mags (Chocolate Industries/XL)
Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers (Mo'Wax)
Flying Lotus - RobertaFlack (feat. Dolly) (Warp)
The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By (Hot Chip Remix) (Delicious Vinyl)
Dead Prez - Hip Hop (Epic)
Busdriver - Secret Skin (Epitaph)
John Carpenter - Assault On Precinct 13 (Main Titles) (Record Makers)
Architeq - Birds Of Prey (Tirk)
King Midas Sound - One Ting (Dabrye Remix) (Hyperdub)
Beatconductor - Real Hip Hop (Spicy)
Tha Liks - Goin' Crazy (Loud)
P. Diddy, Black Rob & Mark Curry - Bad Boy For Life (Bad Boy Entertainment)
Hope you like,

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Blogger Fat Roland said...

I kept you on my blog reader, so welcome back!

4:24 pm  
Anonymous a/d said...


2:46 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


That John Carpenter tune does sound a bit like 'Theme from Megablast' off Xenon 2 on the Amiga 500.

I think so anyway.

11:08 pm  
Blogger James said...

That's because 'Theme From Megablast' samples 'Assault On Precinct 13', my good man. Well spotted!

12:11 am  

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