Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Mah hayuuh!"

Hello folks!

Went to the Manchester blogmeet yesterday and a fun time was had by all. Shame on you if you weren't there! A big hello to the lovely Kate from The Manchizzle, Jon from Black Country Grammar, Wodge from Why Did I Go Wrong? and all the other bloggers I met. Can't possibly link to you all, but you know who you are. Here's to the next one...

That there is Anders Trentemoller (sorry, can't do that Scandinavian o thing with the line through it) and the reason there is a picture of him there is that he has finally got around to making a proper full-length album. After years of 12s and remixes that bloggers and clubbers alike have frothed over, you'd be forgiven for thinking that his album would be a disappointment. Also, anyone who remembers last year's Tiefschwarz record will know that underground cred and re-rubbing nous does not always translate into a good full-length.

Well, it is with much delight that I announce The Last Resort as a resounding success. An excellent record with nods to shoegazing and dubstep alike. The tracks here have as many clean lines as warm, fuzzy edges, making for a varied, hugely enjoyable listen. Some may grumble at the accessibility of it all, but you can also bet that as many people will have it on their end-of-year lists. I'm sure that I'll say much more about this in the coming months, but for now, I'll leave you with the opening track...

Update: "Some may grumble at the accessibility of it all": What the fuck was I on about?! If anything, this is completely inaccessible, foreboding even. The bonus disc is a little more ear-friendly, but any self-respecting Trentemoller fan will have those already. If there's a lesson to be learned here, kids, it's listen to an album more than once before talking about it. I shall try to refrain from such shoddy blogging in future. I guess I was just excited at being able to post a track from Trentemoller's album. Still stand by what I said about it being an excellent record though and it gets better with every listen. One of the best of the year?

Trentemoller - Take Me Into Your Skin (mp3)

Hasta Manana,



Anonymous C H I C K E N said...

Hey and very good day*tips hat*

Well that tune,there was too much going on, I likesd som bits but when they were about to take form-THEY ENDED, kills me that lol

Ilook forward to hearing some other snippets, though im sure I wont buy

*takes a look at blogs from blog meeting*

7:39 pm  

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