Thursday, September 07, 2006


Look at that cover! Isn't that just beautiful? Just a brilliant piece of graphic design. If it looks familiar, that's because the cover for The DFA Remixes Chapter Two is pretty much exactly the same as the cover for The DFA Remixes Chapter One, only blue instead of yellow. Look...

Well, that's made my blog look a little more colourful anyway. But seriously, the arrival next month of the second collection of re-rubs done by James 'n' Tim for acts what aren't on DFA closes the book on the first wave of the phenomenon that is the DFA remix. From their dirty disco take on Le Tigre's 'Deceptacon', through to the super-awesome remix of Tiga's '(Far From) Home', all their awayday remixes are soon to be available on two handy discs.

Much like the forthcoming Lindstrom collection that I spoke about yesterday, it's easy to disregard just how essential these discs are until you put them on and rock the fuck out. So today, I had a massive DFA binge, listening to chapters one and two consecutively and I must say that it turned an otherwise shitty day into a pretty darn bearable one. But something got me thinking; have the DFA really got their own voice?

James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy have tried their hands at so many different sounds over the past few years that it's hard to say if they really have a trademark sound. Of course this is a good thing and you know that, whatever tack they should take, the production is going to be impeccable (always important for an audiophile like myself). There isn't a duff track, but the magpie nature of the DFA means that there's no real cohesion, just a bunch of tracks that range from solid and enjoyable (Fischerspooner's 'Emerge', which must have been the inspiration for Justin's 'SexyBack') to essential and life-affirming (Metro Area's 'Orange Alert', my favourite of all DFA remixes).

But, disjointed as these two compilations may well be, they're records that you really should own. If only in preparation for your next house party. In fact, you really should own everything by the DFA. I do, why don't you?

From Chapter One: Metro Area - Orange Alert (DFA Remix) (mp3)

From Chapter Two: Tiga - (Far From) Home (DFA Remix) (mp3)

I'm a little busy over the next couple of days, so I can't see myself blogging until at least Sunday (new mixtape then, I promise), but you can busy yourselves in that time by going over to LoveFingers and downloading everything you can. It's like Bumrocks, only bigger!



Anonymous C H I C K E N said...

Ha ha I bet you do own everything also!:D

They are nice colors though...I hope they do somekind of bright orangey one

4:42 pm  

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